January  2013

Since December 15, 2010 I was mainly busy with finalizing my PhD results and writing my thesis. I defended my thesis successfully in September 2011. You can find my thesis here. My convocation was held on November 11, 2011 in which I got my PhD degree officially.  After finishing my PhD studies, I looked very extensively at my options for work and finally after doing many informational interviews I decided to continue my career path in the financial industry as a quantitative analyst where I am dealing with vetting/validating or developing mathematical models for the complex financial products (such as equity derivatives). After reading fundamental concepts in financial mathematics and participating in several interviews, I got an offer from the Royal Bank of Canada which in the largest financial institute in Canada (measured by asset and value) as a Senior Quantitative Analyst. I started my new career in May 2012 and since then I have been involved in vetting and testing the risk and valuation models of different market products such as options on different exchange traded funds (ETF).

In the last 24 months, we have had a few trips to different parts of USA in which we visited many states such as Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Michigan. However, since I have been busy with my Thesis and then with job hunting and also dealing with the learning curve of my new career we have had a less chance to travel as before.

My youngest brother, Saber, moved to Guelph to continue his M.Sc. studies in industrial engineering. Guelph is one hour drive from our home in Toronto and it is where both Fatemeh and I did our M.Sc. studies.

December 15,  2010

Unfortunately I did not have a chance to update this page sooner and therefore now after near two years I should share lots of news. Unlike this page, I have updated the website photo galleries frequently and you can find the personal photos of Fatemeh and I at Photo Gallery.

About my academicals life,  I have been very busy working on my thesis (specially during the last months) and teaching at Scarborough campus. While I thought I would finish my PhD by January 2011, because of several reasons including the health condition of my thesis supervisor, It will take me a few more months to get more results and write up my thesis. I hope I can do the defense in the following summer. Some of the research results are ready to be published and we are in the process of writing another paper.

Since June I have been involved in a few significant committees at the University of Toronto.  First I became a candidate for graduate education council of UofT (GEC) and I was acclaimed for this position. GEC is responsible for governing of the School of Graduate Studies of University of Toronto; the agendas and minutes of our meetings can be found here. In March 2010,  I applied for the appointed membership of the Governing Council of the university of Toronto, which oversees the academic, business and student affairs of the University. I have been admitted for the academic board of university of Toronto for the Committee on Academic Policy and Programs (AP&P) and Academic Appeals Committee . The agendas and reports of our meetings at the Academic Board and AP&P can be found respectively here and here. Beside these, I was admitted for the University of Toronto Tribunal panel, where a panel of three makes decision about students offenses at the university. While these positions make my life much busier, I really enjoy being involved in policy making committees. While these experiences help me to understand more about the mechanism of governing, they give me an opportunity to use my skills to be more effective for my society .

Since the last post, we have had two trips outside Canada and lots of other trips inside Canada. We went to Cancun, Mexico in March 2009 which was one of the best trips we have ever had. The combination of an excellent hotel and amazing historical Mayan pyramids of Chichen Itza satisfied our taste for joy and history. We went to Montego Bay, Jamaica in Feb, 2010, in the middle of Canadian winter. Going to the tropical areas during the long winter of Canada can be a very refreshing experience.

Fatemeh's mom visited us in September and October 2009 and we went to several local attractions together, where we enjoyed the nature of Canada during Fall season; you can find some of the photos here. Also my parents came here to visit us during the new year time (December2009-January 2010) and while the weather was very cold, we visited several local attractions together, which you can find  their photos here.

Just in this December (2010), after near 15 months from the moment that we applied for Canadian citizenship and after passing the citizenship test, we became Canadian. This means that now we can vote in Canadian elections and we can enjoy traveling to different parts of the word (e.g.: USA and Europe) by our Canadian passports without a need for applying visa.  We love Canada and we are really happy that after living in Canada for more than seven years for me and six years for Fatemeh, now we are Canadian citizens.


January 2009

As I promised in my last post, I am updating this page sooner than my previous news updates. However, still I am spending most of my spare time on updating other pages mainly the photo pages. You may have noticed that I have done a few changes to my photo pages and for example now most of the pictures are opening in new html pages, instead of just JPEG files become open themselves.

I passed my comprehensive PhD oral examination in September and I also gave my second departmental seminar on Dec. 9, 2008, and since then I officially became a PhD candidate. In our department PhD students in Physical Chemistry area take their comprehensive oral examination in the third year of their studies and I did mine at the beginning of the forth year. My PhD project will not be finished by the end of this academic year but I hope I can finish it in the next year. Now I am holding an OGS scholarship and because of that I have been exempted from some of my TA (Teaching Assistantship) duties so I can spend more time on my PhD project.

After passing a few actuarial exams, Fatemeh got a suitable job as an actuarial programmer. Before getting this job, when she was writing actuarial exams, she was working as a part time tutor in a tutoring center. Later, after passing several exams, she got job offers from two actuarial companies which she liked GGY more and she started the job in the last November. She is still taking some actuarial exams to get an actuary certificate (ASA).

We had several short trips and a few long ones during this Summer and Fall. The long trips are including Lake Superior (800km far north west of Toronto - by car and cruise), Quebec city (800km far by car), Halifax in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island (1500-2000  km by airplane) and Havana and Varadero in Cuba (a few thousands km by airplane).  We had fun in all of these trips; the intact nature of Lake Superior, the interesting culture and history of Quebec city (400th Anniversary), the cool and cheerful people of Halifax and its wonderful harbor, the warm culture and tropical nature of Cuba; all amazed us.

In Summer, I wrote another article regarding our Iranian culture by the name of  "Our cultural assets and their role in defining and developing of the local modernity" or " نگاهی تحلیلی به خصایص مثبت فرهنگ ایرانی و نقش آن در تبلور مدرنیته بومی", which is the third one of the series of essays regarding Iranian culture. In this article I paid attention to the positive aspects of Iranian culture and I tried to provide the references.



May 2008

I should have updated this page sooner, but unfortunately I was too busy and I spent my extra time on the other pages of my website by adding lots of photos and descriptions to them. If you have had a chance to see the new pages, you would find that I put small descriptions for my photo pages and I added several new pages and developed the previous ones, which you can find most of them in these two pages (Photo Gallery, Canada Photo Gallery). Now one can find more than 5000 high quality photos (near 1.5 Gigabyte) at my website.

In the last July, we had a trip to the USA. After visiting Boston, New York, Buffalo and Niagara Falls (New York side), we officially became landed immigrants of Canada. Since then we have had several new rights that we had not have before (when we were on our study/work permits), such as free health care or higher chances of getting scholarships. The travel to the USA was an incredible trip; we met some of our old friends, which we have not met them for a long time, my cousin and we visited the amazing and exciting city of New York. 

We had a trip to Iran in August. After near four years, I met my brothers, some of my old friends and Fatemeh's family. Fortunately, I had a chance to meet my parents in Canada in August 2005, but I had not met my brothers for near four years.  Our travel schedule was very compact and we were really busy in our three weeks trip to Iran, however we managed to do all our works in Iran including a ceremony regarding our marriage, which was a nice experience. This trip was a very special trip and we met many people whom we have not met for a long time.

In the last September, I wrote my second article regarding our Iranian culture by the name of "Investigating the reasons behind our cultural problems & micro and macro scale proposed solutions for these problems" or "ریشه یابی مشکلات فرهنگی جوامع ایرانی و ارایه راههای ارتقای فرهنگی و شکوفایی ایران". In this article I tried to continue the previous article topic and since then I have received very good feedbacks about this one as well as the previous one.

During the last academic year, I passed all the required courses for my PhD with an average of A+. Recently, I presented a poster for Chemical Biophysics Symposium. To find more about my PhD project you can refer to my academical website. I should go for an oral comprehensive exam in future soon. In our department each PhD student should defend his/her PhD research proposal and his/her general knowledge about his/her area of research, which in my case it is Physical Chemistry, till the end of the third year of his/her studies.

Since we became PR (permanent resident), our chances to get scholarships have been increased and fortunately I got OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarship) for 2008-2009. OGS is a $15000 scholarships that is sponsored by the government of the province of Ontario. In Canada, scholarships are given by the federal government, provincial governments, private businesses or universities.



Middle of April 2007

While I have added lots of pages to this website and I have updated many others, I forgot to update this page. Since last year many things happened, which I try to cover the main ones here.

First, Fatemeh and I got our Canadian marriage certificate, however we still have some related works to do in Iran. She finished her master degree and defended her thesis successfully in August 2006. Now she is working as a researcher at Guelph under supervision of a different Prof. than her previous master degree supervisor.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I wrote some of my recent thoughts in an article by the name of  Bugs in our cultures or مشكلات فرهنگی ما ایرانیان which has been read by thousands of readers since I published it here in August 06. Many people have shared their ideas/comments with me since then. I presented the content in a Teleconference at "Tehran Center of Art & Science" in the last November. You can find the Powerpoint file as well as the poster here.   

Every PhD student of our department is supposed to present his/her research in at least two seminars in his/her period of study and I successfully presented my Phys. Chem. Seminar in Jan. 30, 07.

I have expanded my website and now it has more than eighty pages with near 2000 unique visitors per day. You can find more about the statistics here. Many of the new pages links can be found in these two pages (Photo Gallery, Canada Photo Gallery).

Our immigration process is getting close to its final steps and we are hopeful to become landed immigrant of Canada in a few months. I hope I can add the news of that in the next update of this page.


Was written at the end of March 2006

My life became busier since I moved to Toronto. Now I am doing the second semester of PhD here. During these two semesters I had lots of teaching experiences both in physics and chemistry (more than 230 hours). I was the TA of a first year physics lab at physics department and a third year experimental physical chemistry at the chemistry department of university of Toronto. It was my first experience to work with the specific group of students for long time and from student feedbacks it seems that I was kind of successful in this new experience. I started my project since the middle of the second semester. My project is about the discreet molecular dynamic of Proteins. Other members of groups has accomplished the simulation of water using DMD technique. I passed one challenging course, Molecular and Chemical dynamics in liquids, in Fall.

I published my master project results in PRE (Physical review E,  73, 032701, 2006) in March. Phys. Rev. E  is the second well-known magazine in my research area after the Physics review Letters, which is the most well-known magazine for all areas of the physics. The paper was accepted just one month after we submitted to the magazine, which is very fast in comparison to the typical process times. You can find the paper here and there.

Finally in January 2006 I bough my military service in Iran through Iranian embassy in Ottawa and now I am exempted from doing the military service. While Ottawa was really cold in winter, the trip was really wonderful. You can find some Ottawa photos here.

I have expanded my websites by adding lots of different pages such as Toronto Landscapes Gallery , Guelph Photo Gallery and Sofreh Irani. Now there are near 500Mg photos at my website. Just Toronto Landscape Gallery has 5 sub galleries as CN Tower Views, University of Toronto St. George Photo Gallery, Toronto Subway Photos Gallery, New Year Celebration at City Hall & Royal Ontario Museum Photos.

Beside all of those we participated or help to organize different parties/ceremonies. The major one is my convocation party, which would be a really amazing memory for me forever. You can find some photos of my master degree convocation here. At Norouz by the financial help of our department we held a Norouz party at our department. To find the photos refer to here.

Living for more than 32 months outside of Iran helped me to figure out a lot about Iranian culture as well as myself. I hope I have a enough time to write some of them in future. 


Was written in the end of November 2005

I moved to Toronto around Sept. 4 and I started the new life here. Moving from small city to the large city makes lots of changes in my life style. Generally my life became more interesting and more challenging since I came here. I love my new department since I found it really outstanding and famous in the area which I am working. I found the university of Toronto more interesting and completely richer than my previous universities. The effects of having lots of fund and financial resources can be seen in different aspects of the university of Toronto. One of the significant points about the university of Toronto for me is its big community of Iranian students. I met lots of my old friend from High school and my university in these 2-3 months and I could find and explore some parts of my past here.

I started my PhD program with Prof. Schofield and most probably I will work on the protein folding topic. This semester, I took just one tough course, which uses lots of my time, but I have learned a lot from this course. I took a TA position from the physics department for this semester but I should do a TA for the chemistry department in the next semester. It seems that my paper about my master project is finalized for publishing in Physical Review E. It took lots of time from Don and me to become ready and we hope we can write another paper on the extension of this work by doing further work. 

I published my homepages at the university of Toronto . The visitors of my homepage ( reached to near 500 visitors per day! Most of the site visitors are interested in my nature picture gallery page and my links pages. 


Was written in the end of August 2005

I did my master's defense successfully on August 9th and I submitted the last version of my thesis after adding a few points on 19th of August. It was revised several times before being submitted and officially I finished my master's studies after submitting my thesis materials and finishing the paper works on August 19th. Beside this, I officially registered for the PhD program of the University of Toronto during the August. I should choose my supervisor in the second & third weeks of this September. Unlike the most of graduate programs in Canadian universities, after I got admission I am free to choose my supervisor after having meetings with several of them. This means, in our program (Chemical physics - U of T), students got their admissions by the department and not specific supervisor. I will choose my supervisor in the area of theoretical chemical physics and I think I know my desired supervisor.

My parents came here exactly the day after my thesis defense at the afternoon of August 10th and they left here after near 3 weeks around 10pm on August 29th. We had a great time together. They loved Guelph since they found it really beautiful, clean and quite.  We (my parents, Fatemeh and I) had several fun activities such as different trips to around cities, going to wonderful zoo (African Lion Safari), visiting different attractive nature sites and going to different restaurants and festivals. They loved Canada nature and enjoyed the nice warm weather of ends of summer (It was cooler than July). It was a great chance to have them here just beside myself after being far from each other for almost 2 years.

Finally I bought a car in the firsts of August. I got a really good deal and I bought a Toyota Camry 97 with very reasonable price. Having a car, helped me a lot during stay of parents here in Canada. Buying a car was a great experience in my life since I learned a lot about cars and bargaining culture here in Canada.

I found a place at the east of Toronto just beside subway in the high rise building and I will move to Toronto on the firsts of this September. 


Was written in July 2005

I will do my master defense in the firsts of August. It was passed the first reviews by my supervisor and I am waiting to receive the respond of my advisor committee members. You can find my thesis materials here.  Beside this my parents got their visa and they will come to visit me in August. I should make ready every things for their arrival.

I am busy with some official works for both my graduation at University of Guelph and registering and choosing TAs at University of Toronto. Beside this I am looking for a house in Toronto and proper car to buy. Actually I bought a good car (Toyota Corolla 96) but I cancelled the contract for some complicated reasons. 

The weather is hot here. In compare with the last year the weather is completely warmer in this summer. I should mention that the weather is completely humid here (like the north of Iran) so you feel the temperature higher than the actual temperature. In average in south Ontario there are 15 days above 30 degree in all the summer period however in this summer we have had more than 20 days over 30 till this moment. In the last year there were just 5 days in total over 30 degree!

I presented a poster at GWPI poster session and I will start writing a paper from next week.


Was written in June 2005

I finished writing my thesis and I think I will do my master defense in the ends of July or firsts of August. It takes time from my supervisor as well as my advisor committee members to check and review my thesis materials, then I think I will put my thesis online in my academic site. Beside that we got wonderful results in the last step of my project and I hop I can publish our results soon.

I made my decision to continue my PhD at University of Toronto in the same area that I have done my master degree here. I think I will have more chance at Toronto university to become closer to my objectives.

My parents may come here to visit me in August. They should go to Canadian embassy to check their chance. I think they will get it and  I hope they can come here in proper time.

Just in the last week Iran football team  went to world cup 2006 in Germany after Iran won the game over Bahrain at Tehran. Fortunately we had a chance to watch the game through Internet here and this wonderful happiness was shared with us.

Since I am moving to Toronto in September, I should go to find an apartment there in this month or the next month. Beside that,  I will look for a proper car again. (If I become successful this time ! )



Was written in April 2005


Almost the fifth semester is finished. I had passed all my courses till the end of 4th semester and I did all my TAs for this year. I should finish my master project in summer since I think I will do my master defense in August 2005. 

My lovely Fatemeh  finally came to Guelph to continue her master in B.I.G. (Biophysics Interdisciplinary Program) in Mathematics department. We reached each other after being far for 15 months and 25 days. After that our lives have been totally changed and become much happier and more beautiful.

I got an admission from Toronto university for continuing my PhD there in the same area as I am working here (Complex liquids, chemical physics and statistical physics) but at chemistry department. I have an admission from my current supervisor in GWPI (Guelph-Waterloo physics Institute) also and I am waiting to receive the result of application in McMaster University (This one is not the same area as my master research area and it is related to financial mathematics). Now I should decide weather to continue here or go to Toronto university.

My human network has been expanded since I become more stable here. Beside that I feel that now I know many hidden rules of this society and all these make me feel as relax and familiar to my environment as I was in my home town. I have tried to contact many of my old friends, who are far from me, and keep my good relationship with them. We established ISAG (Iranian students association of university of Guelph) and we held several fun activities during the last months. 

As you found yourself I moved my website from  to because of the problems happened in services. After I bought this domain, I have tried to make this site as a complete personal homepage. Now I have more than 1000 files with more than 35 pages (html page) in my website. According the precise statistics of my host provider just in April had more than 1500 unique visitors, 2000 visitors and near 40000 hits! And I used more than 1.4 gigabyte bandwidth of my site.  It seems that the number of visitors of this site has been increase by the rate of near 26% in the last three months.

I got my driver license (G2) just in December and now I am thinking of getting a car in future soon but many things depends on my decision to continue here or going to Toronto since the cost for the car insurance is really different in these cities.


Was written in November 2004,


I am in 4th semester and I will finish my courses this semester by passing the final course which is from mathematics Department. I am nearly did well the first step of my project and I started the significant part witch is extra than what it was defined at first. I was really satisfied with my house because of my independence in bachelor apt. but because of some problems such as its oldness I may change my house again. My good friend, Sara, came Canada in August and we had wonderful time together. We helped each other much during the last months.

My lovely Fatemeh got admission from mathematics department and she will come here  in December. Now I am planning my future with her and I need to make ready many things before her arrival. I really missed her and I am really happy that we will be with each other after being far for 16 months. I think by Fatemeh's help I can increase my human network. You will hear a lot in future soon.

I am trying to get my driver license (G2) in the next month or maybe this month. I hope every thing going well and I can get it as soon as possible since I really need it now. I did a course for decreasing my insurance.

And now I am thinking of my life after getting M.S. and what I should do for PHD ... and ... and ...



Was written in May 2004,


The second semester was finished. I got better marks than previous semester and I have started my M.S. project as well. I described my project for advisory committee and now I am ready enough to step in my second level of my project. You can visit my academic site  to find more about what I did in previous semester.

I have got more information about new culture and its advantages and disadvantages. I found myself, self confident enough to criticize some of the new culture aspects like what I did in my home country and I am trying to make my results more precise by paying attention to the surrounding and have hard talks with friends and colleagues.

I moved my house just in the first of May and now I am living alone in my bachelor apartment. I found this house more comfortable than my previous place since I have my own kitchen and bathroom. In the previous months I have learned much about cooking and house managing as well as decorating.

We are trying to find one position for my lovely Girl friend to bring her here.


Was written in January 2004,

I have lived here at Guelph in Canada for more than 4 months and I finished my first semester here. I did one TA in the area of biophysics and I started slightly my research project. I am completely satisfied with my new life and I try to be adopted completely successfully in new society. I have experienced lots of new stuffs such as living with some Canadian roommates, TA/RA beside studying, cooking and managing my economical life completely by myself, having friends from different nationalities and etc.


was written before August 2003,

I got my B.Sc. in physics form the Sharif University of Technology in Feb. 2003. I have passed 142 units in my B.Sc. period and have got lots of  experience in research and life ( I have experienced LOVE and many nice aspects of human life) . Our research on automatic phonetization of type written Persian language presented for a conference in Armenia.

I got admissions from Europe, Canada and the U.S. in different subjects such as computational science, mechanical engineering, complex systems and physics of complex systems but I came to Canada to continue my education ( M.Sc.) in Guelph-Waterloo physics Ins. ( A joint program between Waterloo university and Guelph university) under the supervision of Prof. Sullivan. in the area of complex systems.



 Enjoy it.

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