Guelph City


Most of the photos were taken by myself (Hanif Bayat)  &

The rests were taken by Fatemeh

Guelph is a small beautiful city located just 100 km west of Toronto. Guelph is famous for its large number of Italian-Canadian citizens, who have been in Guelph for decades. Beside this, Guelph is famous for its beautiful and clean environment and nature. I lived there for two years and I had a really good time there.



Guelph City Official Website


University of Guelph

University of Guelph is one of the well known universities in Ontario. It was established as an associate agricultural college of the University of Toronto in 1874; then it became a university in 1964 and since then it was mainly famous for its life sciences programs, agriculture and veterinary medicine. It has several joint programs with the Waterloo University, such as in Chemistry and Physics.

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University of Guelph Arboretum

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Riverside Park

By locating by the speed river, it is the most famous park in Guelph. Many events and festivals, including new year festivals, Multicultural festival and Ribfest, are held in this park. Some people are canoeing in some parts of this shallow river.


Riverside park-Multicultural festival (June 2006):



Guelph Lake

Just a few km north of Guelph, one can find the Guelph Lake Conservation Area. This lake is made by a dam on the speed river. By having two sandy beaches, Guelph lake attracts many visitors in Summer.



York Road Beautiful Park (Near Correctional Center Sport Field)

By having a few lakes that host several animals, it is one of the most beautiful parts of the city of Guelph.



Hanlon Creek Park

In this park, it is possible to see some animals such as deer. In the below photos, you can see a few photos from them, which were taken in summer. 



Guelph Downtown and Old Quebec Street

Guelph has tried to keep its old downtown architectures and structures, which makes its downtown a wonderful attraction for the visitors.



Wellington and Waterloo Avenue



Around Royal City Park-York Road Park (near Gordon St.)

This park, which is located by the Gordon street in the downtown, is famous for its old wooden bridge and its very small lake, which give one a chance to do canoeing.



"Our Lady Church" an old roman catholic church located at Guelph downtown

It is a symbol of Guelph and its downtown. This iconic nineteenth century catholic church, which is very close to the heart of downtown, is one of the most magnificent Catholic churches in Canada and it is almost the tallest structure in Guelph downtown. 



Woodlawn Cemetery



Guelph Entrance from Gordon Street (Cr-46) and Highway 6

Guelph is connected to the highway 401 through highway 6 and Gordon street (Brock road N).



Inside the City


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