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(Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada)

Photos were taken by myself (Hanif)


Photos of the main attractions of Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada, such as Great Toronto Area, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec city, Niagara Falls and Halifax.



Famous Ontario Attractions:

Great Toronto Area Albums:

Toronto is the most populous and the largest city of Canada with metropolitan area population of close to six million (near 20% of total population of Canada!). It is located at the southern part of Ontario in the area called golden horseshoe. Toronto is famous for its amazing multicultural atmosphere and its beautiful downtown. It is the capital city of Ontario, which is the most famous and populated province of Canada. After Mexico City, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, Toronto is the most populous city of north America.

Toronto Views Page I & Page II

University of Toronto St. George Photo Gallery Downtown Toronto Royal Ontario Museum Photos Toronto Spring Peak CN Tower Views (2nd tallest free standing structure in the world) Toronto Islands
City Hall Toronto Zoo Toronto Parks      


(Sample photos of Toronto Album)


Toronto Festivals

Christmas and New Year 2006 Celebrations Halloween at Church Street Toronto Aboriginal Festival Yorkville Icefest    



Ontario Nature:

All the great lakes of north America, except lake Michigan, are shared between Ontario and the USA. The existence of these lakes is one of the main reasons behind the uniqueness and beauty of Ontario nature. Ontario has near five months of warm weather, starting from May and lasting until October. While its spring peak during May is amazing, I think the most beautiful season of Ontario is Autumn, which is happening during October and late September.

Ontario Nature Gallery

(Sample photos of Ontario Nature)

In Four Seasonal Subcategories

Ontario Nature Photos in Spring

(Sample photos of Ontario Nature in April)

Ontario Nature Photos in Summer

(Sample photos of Ontario Nature in Summer)


Ontario Nature Photos in Fall

(Sample photos of Ontario Nature in Fall)

Ontario Nature Photos in Winter

(Sample photos of Ontario Nature in Winter)




Ottawa Views  & Ottawa in Winter

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, where the Canadian parliament is located. Ottawa is located at the border of Ontario and Quebec and can be considered as a real bilingual Canadian city. It is around four-five hours drive from Toronto and it can be reached from Montreal in near two hours. You can find lots of Canadian heritage, museums and beautiful architectures there.

(Sample photos of Ottawa Views & Ottawa in Winter)

Niagara Falls Photo Gallery  & Frozen Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the most amazing and popular attractions of Canada and the world. Niagara Falls, which is shared between province of Ontario and the state of New York, is transferring water between lakes Erie and Ontario. It is just one and half hour drive from Toronto.

(Sample photos of Niagara Falls & Frozen Niagara Area)

Niagara Area Photo Gallery

Beside Niagara Falls, you can find lots of other attractions and activities in Niagara area, such as beautiful city of Niagara on the lake and Niagara parkway.

(Sample photos of Niagara Area)

Atlantic Canada Views:

Halifax, Nova Scotia Views

Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia, which is one of the Atlantic Canada provinces. This touristy city has one of the busiest harbors at East of north America and it has a long history of maritime. 

01-Nova Scotia.JPG16-The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.JPG19-Halifax Harbour.JPG71-Halifax Harbour.JPG84-Traditional Nova Scotia cloth.JPG21-Halifax citadel.JPG98-Wave.JPG102-Cruise.JPG

(Sample photos of Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Confederation Bridge

The longest bridge in Canada that connects P.E.I. (Prince Edward Island) and New Brunswick.

 02-Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick side.JPG  23-Very long Confederation Bridge.JPG 25-Longest bridge in Canada.JPG 14-Confederation Bridge-ship.JPG

(Sample photos of Confederation Bridge, New Brunswick & P.E.I.)


Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) Views

Prince Edward Island is the smallest province of Canada. This island is the birth place of Confederation of Canada, since the meeting of Confederation (Charlottetown Conference) was held in this island in 1864.

05-Charlottetown in P.E.I..JPG08-Charlottetown Prince Edward Island.JPG  18-Huge cruise in Charlottetown.JPG27-Double Decker Bus-Charlottetown.JPG38-P.E.I. nature.JPG 44-P.E.I. farms.JPG

(Sample photos of P.E.I.)

Quebec Cities:

Montreal Photos

It is the second largest city of Canada as well as the cultural capital city of Canada. It is dominated by French culture but still many people can speak in English. It has lots of history in comparison with all the other metropolitan Canadian cities.

(Sample photos of Montreal Views)


Quebec City Photos

The capital city of province of Quebec and one of the coldest large cities of Canada. You can find some of the oldest Canadian heritage in this beautiful city.

07-Old Quebec city.JPG21-National Assembly of Quebec.JPG31-Beautiful Quebec City.JPG25-Quebec city ramparts.JPG66-Chateau Frontenac Quebec City.JPG81-Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City at night.JPG

(Sample photos of Quebec City Views)


Trois-Rivieres Photos

The name of this old city in French language means three rivers and it comes from the fact that the Saint Maurice river is divided into three branches when it joins the Saint Lawrence river.

 26-Old Trois Rivieres.JPG30-Trois-Rivieres.JPG06-Parc de l'Ile Saint-Quentin.JPG14-aquatic bird.JPG

(Sample photos of Trois-Rivieres Views)

Other Ontario Attractions:

London Photos

London is located almost 200km west of Toronto and it is accessible through highway 401. It is the largest city after GTA (Great Toronto  Area) & Hamilton, in the south west Ontario

(Sample photos of London)


Windsor Photos and Detroit Landscapes

Windsor is almost the southernmost city of Canada and it is separated from Detroit (the largest city of Michigan) by the Detroit river.

(Sample photos of Windsor)


Peterborough Photos

Peterborough is located 150km far north-east of Toronto. By sure this city can be considered as one of the most beautiful cities of Ontario, which has lots of historical/natural sites. Its lift lock on the Otonabee River is one of the highest boat lifts in the world, which rising 19.8 m.

(Sample photos of Peterborough)


Kingston Photos

Kingston, the first capital city of Canada, is located almost in the middle of the way (highway 401) connecting Toronto and Montreal. Like Toronto, Kingston was founded beside lake Ontario.

(Sample photos of Kingston)


Guelph City     &   University of Guelph Photo Album    &    UofG Arboretum

Guelph is a small beautiful city located just 100 km west of Toronto. Guelph is famous for its large number of Italian-Canadian citizens, who have been  in Guelph for decades. Beside this, Guelph is famous for its beautiful and clean environment and nature. I lived there for two years and I had a really good time there.

(Sample photos of Guelph City)

Dundas-Hamilton Nature Photos

Dundas is a town beside industrial city of Hamilton. While Hamilton suffers from polluted air, Dundas has a beautiful nature.

(Sample photos of Dundas Nature)


Stratford Photos

Stratford is a very beautiful, cultural city, which is located around 150km far from Toronto. This city is famous for Stratford Shakespeare festival, its wonderful restaurants, and its very beautiful parks. Its beautiful buildings and its wonderful nature beside its very nice restaurants make Stratford an ideal target for tourists. 

08-beautiful stratford.JPG24-Stratford city hall.JPG40-.JPG44-Stratford Ontario.JPG48-Stratford Swans.JPG

(Sample photos of Stratford)


North America Great Lakes

Great Lakes Album

Except Lake Michigan, which is located completely inside the USA, all the other great lakes of north America are shared between Ontario and the USA. These lakes are connected to each other and they have the largest source of freshwater on earth. The water at first goes from Lake Superior to Lake Michigan,  Lake Huron and Georgian bay and then from Lake Huron to Lake Erie and later through the Niagara river the water passes to Lake Ontario. Finally through the St. Lawrence river, water goes from Lake Ontario to Atlantic ocean.


Lake Superior & Around Photos

(Sample photos of Lake Superior & Around)


Georgian Bay (Part of lake Huron) & Around Photos


(Sample photos of Georgian Bay & Around)




Lake Erie & Around Photos

(Sample photos of lake Erie & Around)


Lake Ontario & Around Photos

(Sample photos of lake Ontario & Around)





Tobermory, Bruce Peninsula & Fathom Five National Marine Park Photos

I think, it is one the most beautiful part of Canada and the world! Georgian bay pristine fresh water and its beautiful intact islands are the main elements of this incredible nature.

 (Sample photos of Tobermory, Bruce Peninsula & Fathom Five National Marine Park Photos)



Manitoulin-Island Views

Manitoulin Island is the largest island in a fresh water lake in the world. This island is located inside Lake Huron and Georgian Bay in Ontario.

 16-Manitoulin Island lakes.JPG22-Manitoulin Island Beauty.JPG23-Manitoulin Island.JPG33-Bridal Veil Falls-Manitoulin Island.JPG

 (Sample photos of Manitoulin Island)



Algonquin Provincial Park

It is the oldest and the most famous provincial park in Ontario. Over 7500 square Km conservation area, containing forests, rivers and thousands of lakes, is located in the south central part of Ontario, just around three hours drive from Toronto.

(Sample photos of Algonquin Provincial Park)


St. Jacobs Village

It is located just near one and half hour drive west of Toronto and it is right beside Kitchener-Waterloo. This beautiful village is famous for its Mennonite heritage.

(Sample photos of St. Jacobs village)


Elora Gorge Conservation Area

Not far from Toronto ( less than 120km) and very close to Guelph and Kitchener you can find this beautiful gorge.

(Sample photos of Elora Gorge)


Rockwood Conservation Area

You can enjoy canoeing, hiking, camping and picnicking here.

(Sample photos of Rockwood Conservation Area)


Wasaga Beach

It is the most famous beach for Torontonians, however to reach there from Toronto one needs to drive for at least one and half hour.

(Sample photos of Wasaga Beach)


Cobourg Views

Cobourg is a small town just 120 km far east of Toronto. In this album, one can find beautiful ice structures made by fast winds and the winter life in the Cobourg shore.

(Sample photos of Cobourg)

Maple Leaf Photo Gallery 

One of the most beautiful aspects of Canada's autumn is its colorful maple leaves. Many believe, these colorful leaves, make the Fall season the most beautiful season of year in Canada.

(Sample photos of Maple Leaf Album)

Visit Sky-Sun Photos

Since we are almost always busy with the things happening on earth, we forget Sky and its beauty. I tried to capture some of the simple phenomena happening or can be seen in sky during days and nights.

(Sample Photos of Sky-Sun)

Ice-Snow Photos

While the cold and long winter of Canada, generally can not be considered as an attraction, but if one looks well, it is possible to find beauty in snow and ice also.

(Sample Photos of Ice-Snow Album)



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