Varadero, Cuba Views

Photos were taken by myself (Hanif)

Varadero is the main tourism centre in Cuba and by having near fifty large hotels, it is one of the largest resort areas in the Caribbean. Varadero is situated on a peninsula around 140 km east of Havana.


01-Hotel in Varadero Cuba.JPG02-Coconut Palm.JPG03-club arenas blancas.JPG04-club arenas blancas.JPG05-Tropical Trees.JPG06-Tropical Cuba.JPG07-Varadaero Beach.JPG08-Blue color beach.JPG09-Cuba Tourists.JPG10-Varadero Touristic Areas.JPG11-Sunny Cuba.JPG12-Coconut Trees.JPG13-.JPG14-club arenas blancas Varadero.JPG15-Old American Car.JPG16-Old Mini Bus.JPG17-.JPG18-Varadero Hotel.JPG19-Varadero Resort.JPG20-Blue Pool.JPG21-Coconuts.JPG22-club arenas blancas.JPG23-Varadero Peninsula.JPG24-Carriage in Varadero.JPG25-Flags.JPG27-Entrance to Varadero.JPG28-Varadero Sign.JPG

29-Beautiful Sea.JPG30-Atlantic Ocean.JPG31-Tropical Tree.JPG32-Cuba Nature.JPG33-Atlantic Ocean.JPG34-Beautiful Beach.JPG35-Sand Foot Steps.JPG36-Beautiful Varadero.JPG37-Atlantic Ocean Waves.JPG38-.JPG39-Beautiful Varadero.JPG40-Waves north of Cuba.JPG41-Cuba Tropical Trees.JPG42-Blue sea north of Cuba.JPG43-Varadero Beach.JPG44-Varadero.JPG45-Varadero Beach.JPG47-Varadero Resorts.JPG48-Varadero Beach.JPG49-Varadero Ocean Beach.JPG50-Cloudy Sky.JPG52-Coconut.JPG53-Coconut cutting.JPG54-.JPG55-.JPG56-.JPG

57-Carriage.JPG58-Varadero Signs.JPG59-Public Beach in Varadero.JPG60-.JPG61-Varadero old houses.JPG62-Palms in Varadero.JPG63-Windy weather in Varadero.JPG64-.JPG65-.JPG66-che guevara Picture.JPG67-Cubans Playing Soccer.JPG68-Varadero Residents houses.JPG69-Street Signs in Cuba.JPG70-Restaurant in Varadero.JPG71-Church in Varadero.JPG72-Old Cars and Carriage in Varadero Cuba.JPG73-Cuba Flag.JPG74-Josone Park.JPG75-Camel in Josone Park in Varadero.JPG76-Josone Park in Varadero.JPG77-Coconut Palm Tree.JPG78-Josone Park.JPG79-Camel for tourists.JPG80-Club 62 Varadero.JPG81-Club 62 Varadero.JPG82-Casa del Queso Cubano Restaurante.JPG83-Old American Car in Varadero.JPG

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