Iranian Desserts, Pastry and Breads

(دسرها و شیرینی های ایرانی - نانهای ایرانی )


The photos were taken by myself (Hanif).

Persian cuisine is famous for having a variety of different breads (Naan s), pastries (Shirini) and desserts. In comparison with European culture breads, Persian breads are thinner and many of them are flat. Persian pastries are categorized in two main categories of Dry and Wet (with cream) Pastries.  Beside the wet and dry pastries, there are several sweet desserts in Persian cuisine, such as Halva, Sohan, Gaz and Sholeh Zard.



Bastani Sonnati Irani-Bastani Akbar Mashti: Recipe I, Recipe II

بستنی سنتی ایرانی- بستنی اکبر مشتی

18-Saffron Ice cream.JPG

Faloodeh: Recipe I, Recipe II


15-Faloodeh Shirazi.JPG

Ard Nokhodchi: Recipe I , Recipe II

آرد نخودچی

Halva as an Iranian dessert: Recipe I, Recipe II, Recipe III


Persian Dry Pastry 1

شیرینی خشک از نوع قلبی شکل

Persian Dry Pastry 2

شیرینی خشک مربایی

Persian Dry Pastry 3 (Keshmeshi)

شیرینی خشک از نوع کشمشی


Persian Dry Pastry 4 (Zaban): Recipe

شیرینی خشک از نوع زبان


Persian Dry Pastry 5

شیرینی خشک از نوع عسلی

Persian Dry Pastry (Shirini Khoshk)

شیرینی خشک


Gaz (Persian White Nougat): Recipe


Sohan or Souhan: Recipe

سوهان عسلي

Bagh lava or Persian Baklava: Recipe


Wet Persian Pastry: Rolet

شیرینی تر از نوع رولت

Wet Persian Pastry

شیرینی تر

North of Iran Pastry: Koloocheh


Iranian Pastry for Ramadan: Recipe

زولبيا باميه


باBasloogh: Recipe I, Recipe II


Iranian Breads: Barbari or Babary: Recipe I, Recipe II, Recipe III, Wikipedia page

نان های ایرانی: بربری

Iranian Breads: Sangak: Recipe I, Wikipedia page, Persian articles about Sangak  I, II

نان سنگک

02-Naan Sangak.JPG

Iranian Breads: Mashhadi

نان مشهدی

Iranian Breads: Taftoon or Taftoun: Recipe I, Recipe II, Recipe III

نان تافتون

07-Naan- Persian Bread.jpg

Iranian Breads: Lavash: Recipe I, Recipe II, Wikipedia page

نان لواش

Iranian Nuts (Sweet Aajil)


Chai-Shirini (Tea + Cookies/Pastries )

چای و شیرینی

Jelle or Jelly:   

Shir Berenj (Rice-Milk) or Ferni: Recipe I, Recipe II, Recipe III

شیر برنج  و  فرنی

14-Ferni-Shir Berenj.JPG

Shole Zard (Saffron Rice Pudding): Recipe I, Recipe II, Recipe III

شله زرد

35-Shole Zard-Saffron Sweet Rice.JPG

Sofreh Irani

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