Quebec City Views

(Focused on the old town)


The photos were taken by myself (Hanif Bayat) 

Quebec city or "Ville de Québec", is the capital of province of Quebec, which is located 240km far from Montreal. This city by sure is one of the most beautiful cities of north America. As a very old French Canadian settled city, one can taste Europe and specially French culture in this wonderful city. However, this city is one of the coldest large cities of north America.



  1. Quebec city's 400th Anniversary  (August 2008)

01-Parc des braves.JPG 02-Parc des braves.JPG 03-.JPG 04-Quebec city wall-ramparts.JPG 05-Quebec city.JPG 06-Cannons.JPG 07-Old Quebec city.JPG 08-Quebec city.JPG 09-Quebec city ramparts.JPG 10-National Assembly of Quebec.JPG 11-Quebec city-Plain of Abraham.JPG 12-Quebec City in Summer.JPG 13-Plain of Abraham.JPG 14-.JPG 15-National Assembly of Quebec.JPG 16-National Assembly of Quebec.JPG 17-Frontenac.JPG 18-Art works at National Assembly of Quebec.JPG 19-statues National Assembly of Quebec.JPG 20-Quebec parliament.JPG 21-National Assembly of Quebec.JPG 22-La fontaine de Tourny-around national Assembly of Quebec.JPG 23-Quebec city flowers.JPG 24-Statue Roosevelt.JPG 25-Quebec city ramparts.JPG 26-Quebec city-sculpture.JPG 27-Quebec city Harbour.JPG 28-Chateau Frontenac Quebec City.JPG 29-.JPG 30-Saint Lawrence river.JPG 31-Beautiful Quebec City.JPG 32-Historic parts old Quebec City.JPG 33-Street show-Quebec city.JPG 34-Quebec city ramparts night.JPG 35-Quebec city ramparts night.JPG 50-Chateau Frontenac-Quebec City.JPG 51-Chateau Frontenac-Quebec City.JPG 52-Art works in Quebec City.JPG 53-Lower Town-Quebec City.JPG 54-Old Quebec City.JPG 55-Pope Statue in Quebec city.JPG 56-Quebec City.JPG 57-Chateau Frontenac Quebec City.JPG 58-Quebec city Cannons.JPG 59-Plain of Abraham.JPG 60-Beaver.JPG 61-Quebec city nature.JPG 62-Saint Lawrence river landscape.JPG 63-.JPG 64-Quebec city landscape.JPG 65-Quebec city tourists.JPG 66-Chateau Frontenac Quebec City.JPG 67-.JPG 68-Chateau Frontenac Quebec City.JPG 69-Old Quebec City.JPG 70-Quebec city.JPG 71-.JPG 72-.JPG 73-Colorful houses in Quebec city.JPG 74-Quebec city at night.JPG 75-architectural projection.JPG 76-architectural projection about the history of Quebec City.JPG 77-architectural projection by Robert Lepage.JPG 78-architectural projection in Quebec city-400 anniversary.JPG 79-400 years Anniversary of Quebec city-Bunge grain elevators.JPG 80-biggest outdoor architectural projection.JPG 81-Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City at night.JPG



36-Montmorency River-Saint-Lawrence River.JPG 37-Around Montmorency River-Fall.JPG 38-Montmorency Falls.JPG 39-84m tall Montmorency Falls.JPG 40-Montmorency Falls.JPG 41-Montmorency Falls.JPG 42-Montmorency river-Falls.JPG 43-Rainbow Montmorency river.JPG 44-Montmorency Falls.JPG 45-Montmorency Falls-Quebec water Fall.JPG 46-Montmorency river-Saint Lawrence river.JPG 47-Bridge over Montmorency Falls.JPG 48-Bottom of Montmorency Falls.JPG 49-telecabine.JPG

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