Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) Views

The photos were taken by myself (Hanif Bayat) 

This island is the smallest province of Canada, which is located close to the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in Canada main land. It is connected to the province of New Brunswick by the largest bridge of Canada, Confederation Bridge. This Island is famous because of the famous story and movie of "Anne of Green Gables". This island is the birth place of Confederation of Canada, since the meeting of Confederation (Charlottetown Conference) was held in this island in 1864.




01-.JPG 02-Borden-Carleton P.E.I..JPG 03-Around Confederation Bridge.JPG 04-Borden-Carleton P.E.I..JPG


05-Charlottetown in P.E.I..JPG 06-Charlottetown city hall.JPG 07-.JPG 08-Charlottetown Prince Edward Island.JPG 09-Charlottetown city hall.JPG 10-Price Edward Place.JPG 11-Charlottetown P.E.I..JPG 12-Cruise around Charlottetown.JPG 13-Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island.JPG 14-.JPG 15-Charlottetown-Prince Edward Island.JPG 16-Memorial at Charlottetown.JPG 17-Charlottetown nature.JPG 18-Huge cruise in Charlottetown.JPG 19-.JPG 20-Charlottetown-P.E.I..JPG 21-.JPG 22-.JPG 23-Charlottetown.JPG 24-1856 Bell.JPG 25-Bee-Flower.JPG 26-Bee-Flower.JPG 27-Double Decker Bus-Charlottetown.JPG


28-Prince Edward Island-National Park of Canada-Dalvay.JPG 29-Prince Edward Island Beach.JPG 30-Map of Dalvay park.JPG 31-Reddish Beach.JPG 32-Gulf of Saint Lawrence.JPG 33-Dalvay National park.JPG 34-.JPG 35-.JPG 36-Reddish Beach of Prince Edward Island.JPG 37-Prince Edward Island Nature.JPG 38-P.E.I. nature.JPG 40-Dalvay national park.JPG 41-Prince Edward Island.JPG 42-Prince Edward Island Nature.JPG 43-P.E.I..JPG 44-P.E.I. farms.JPG

 03-Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick side.JPG10-on Confederation Bridge.JPG12-Confederation Bridge from P.E.I..JPG15-long Confederation Bridge.JPG16-Confederation Bridge in a foggy day.JPG17-Marine Rail historical park.JPG18-Confederation Bridge from P.E.I..JPG20-Confederation Bridge.JPG23-Very long Confederation Bridge.JPG25-Longest bridge in Canada.JPG26-Longest bridge in Canada.JPG  

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