Niagara Area Views

Photos were taken by myself (Hanif)

Beside Niagara Falls itself, there are several natural and entertainment attractions in Niagara area. The city of Niagara Falls itself has several entertainment centers. In the town of Niagara on the lake and around the Niagara river and Niagara parkway, one can find lots of beautiful natural attractions, specially in the warm weather season.

Of course, visiting all these attractions is very hard to do in one day, and luckily there are many accommodations in the town of Niagara so one can enjoy all the natural beauty without having to rush. Timeshares are a unique type of  accommodation found here which provide many great amenities, large living spaces and spectacular views. What's more, timeshare resales will allow visitors to return each year, so that their favorite Niagara attractions can be enjoyed over and over again.

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        City of Niagara Falls

01-World wars memorial in Niagara.JPG25-Niagara Falls Floral Clock.JPG




18-Sunset  Lake Ontario.JPG



08-Around Niagara Parkway.JPG22-Over Niagara Fall whirlpool.JPG








09-Laura Ingersoll Secord Memorial.JPG10-Laura Ingersoll Secord Memorial at Queenston Heights Park.JPG11-Queenston Heights Park.JPG12-Niagara River from Queenston Heights Park.JPG13-Brock's monument.JPG14-Brock's monument in Niagara area.JPG15-Brock's monument in Niagara Area.JPG16-Brock's monument in Niagara.JPG17-Brock's monument winter time.JPG23-Brock's monument in Niagara Area.JPG24-Brock's monument-Queenston Heights.JPG




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