Havana, Cuba Views

Photos were taken by myself (Hanif)

To know real Cuba , Havana is a must see part of a trip to Cuba. Havana is the old, historical capital city of Cuba. The old Havana attracts many tourists each year because of its old beautiful buildings and structures.


01-La Habana Vieja.JPG 02-Old Havana-Traditional Cuban clothes.JPG 03-Old Havana.JPG 04-Art works in Old Havana.JPG 05-Old Architecture in Old Havana.JPG 06-Hostel Valencia.JPG 07-Hostel Valencia La Habana.JPG 08-Old Havana in a rainy day.JPG 09-Book store in Old Havana.JPG 10-Political books in Old Havana.JPG 11-Traditional Dress.JPG 12-Old Havana.JPG 13-Old Havana.JPG 14-Large Statue of Jesus across the harbour of Havana.JPG 15-Rainy day Havana.JPG 16-Ernest Hemingway photos-Havana.JPG 17-Old Drugstore.JPG 18-Old houses in old Havana.JPG 19-People who integrate the historical-cultural mural of the artistic and literary grammar school of Havana.JPG 20-Wall in Old Havana.JPG 21-La Patria.JPG

22-Tourists in Old Havana.JPG 23-.JPG 24-Cathedral of Havana.JPG 25-Inside Catedral de San Cristobal de La Havana.JPG 26-roof of Catedral de San Cristobal de La Havana.JPG 27-door of Cathedral of Havana.JPG 28-Catedral de San Cristobal de La Havana.JPG 29-.JPG 30-Museum in Havana.JPG 31-Museum in Havana.JPG 32-Museum in old Havana.JPG 33-.JPG 34-.JPG 35-.JPG 36-.JPG 37-Saturday market in Havana.JPG 38-Saturday market in Habana.JPG 39-Cuban artcrafts.JPG 40-Saturday market in Old Havana.JPG 41-San Cristobal Cathedral.JPG 42-Historic Site-Havana.JPG 43-El Morro Castle Habana.JPG 44-Large statue.JPG 45-Havana across the harbour.JPG 46-Beautiful Building in Havana.JPG 47-Cuba Ministry of the Interior-che Guevara picture.JPG 48-Revolution Square and the Jose Marti Memorial.JPG 49-Havana Revolution Square.JPG 50-Jose Marti Memorial Havana.JPG 51-Havana.JPG 52-Old Building Havana.JPG 53-Old cars Havana.JPG 54-.JPG

55-National Capitol Building in Havana.JPG 56-El Capitolio Habana.JPG 57-Beside National Capitol Building in Havana.JPG 58-Old Havana.JPG 59-Old house in Havana.JPG 60-.JPG 61-.JPG 62-Historical Havana.JPG 63-Bacardi Building.JPG 64-Fidel Castro's Boat.JPG 65-Havana streets.JPG 66-.JPG 67-Museum of the Revolution.JPG 68-Street Dogs in Havana.JPG 69-Museum of the Revolution.JPG 70-.JPG 71-Museum of the Revolution-Fidel Castro Tank.JPG 72-Spain Embassy in Havana.JPG 73-.JPG 74-.JPG 75-Old Havana.JPG 76-El Morro Fortress.JPG 77-.JPG 78-El Morro Fortress.JPG 79-Old Havana.JPG 80-50 years old houses.JPG 81-half century old houses.JPG 82-Street in Havana.JPG 83-Great Theatre of Havana.JPG 84-Great Theatre of Havana.JPG 85-Centro Habana district.JPG 86-Centro Habana district.JPG 87-Great Theatre of Havana.JPG 88-National Capitol Building in Havana.JPG 89-Great Theatre of Havana.JPG 90-Capitolio.JPG

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