Halifax Nova Scotia

The photos were taken by myself (Hanif Bayat) 


Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia, which is one of the Atlantic Canada provinces. It has one of the busiest harbors at East of north America and it has a long history of maritime. This touristy city has several wonderful museums, such as Maritime museum of the Atlantic, and offers variety of exciting tours including whale watching cruises.



01-Nova Scotia.JPG 02-Nova Scotia nature.JPG 03-Fall season Nova Scotia.JPG 04-Fall season Nova Scotia.JPG 05-Halifax nature.JPG

06-Church Halifax.JPG 07-Grayline halifax-double decker bus.JPG 08-Halifax-downtown.JPG 09-Halifax-downtown.JPG 10-Halifax Nova Scotia.JPG 11-Prince street Halifax.JPG 12-Halifax downtown.JPG 13-Bank of Nova Scotia.JPG 14-.JPG 15-Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.JPG 16-The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.JPG 17-Halifax-Clock.JPG 18-Downtown Halifax.JPG 19-Halifax Harbour.JPG 20-Halifax Harbour.JPG 21-Halifax citadel.JPG 22-Halifax-Dartmouth Bridge.JPG 23-Downtown Halifax.JPG 24-waterfront.JPG 25-Anchor.JPG 26-The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.JPG 27-Halifax harbour.JPG 28-Summit Plaza.JPG 29-Shore water.JPG 30-Georges Island Halifax History.JPG 31-The Grand Derangement.JPG 32-Halifax shore.JPG 33-Dalhousie university.JPG 34-Sebastopol-Old Burying Ground Halifax.JPG 35-Harbour Hopper.JPG 36-Angus L. Macdonald Bridge.JPG 37-Angus L. Macdonald Bridge.JPG 38-Fall season Halifax.JPG 39-Fruits.JPG 40-Park in Dartmouth.JPG 41-Halifax-Dartmouth.JPG 42-Canada Flag.JPG 43-Dartmouth park.JPG 68-Norway memorial Halifax.JPG 69-Nova Scotia music.JPG 70-Flags.JPG 71-Halifax Harbour.JPG 72-Cruise.JPG 73-Historical part of Halifax.JPG 74-Historical part of Halifax.JPG 75-Nova Scotia Halifax flags.JPG 76-Alexander Keiths-Nova Scotia.JPG 77-.JPG 78-Dartmouth Downtown.JPG 79-Halifax downtown from Dartmouth.JPG 80-Sea birds.JPG 81-Halifax-Dartmouth bridge.JPG 82-Halifax Citadel plate.JPG 83-Halifax Citadel Clock.JPG 84-Traditional Nova Scotia cloth.JPG 85-Traditional Scottish cloth.JPG 86-Citadel Hill.JPG 87-Halifax.JPG 88-Halifax City Hall.JPG 89-Wall Drawing.JPG 90-.JPG

52-Warning sign.JPG 53-Wavy Atlantic Ocean.JPG 54-Wavy Atlantic Ocean.JPG 55-.JPG 56-Atlantic Ocean-Nova Scotia.JPG 57-Atlantic Ocean.JPG 58-Wave.JPG 59-Ocean Waves.JPG 60-Ocean.JPG 61-Ocean in a cloudy day.JPG 62-Wave.JPG 63-Life in Balance.JPG 64-Windy day.JPG 65-Surfing.JPG 66-Stormy ocean.JPG 67-Surfing.JPG 91-ships.JPG 92-.JPG 93-Atlantic Crab.JPG 94-Canada Flag.JPG 95-Lobster.JPG 96-Nova Scotia Shore.JPG 97-Nova Scotia Shore.JPG 98-Wave.JPG 99-Wavy Atlantic Ocean.JPG 100-Rocky Atlantic Ocean Shore.JPG 101-Seabirds.JPG 102-Cruise.JPG 103-Cruise.JPG 104-Georges Island Halifax.JPG 105-Sea Birds.JPG

44-Maximum speed in Nova Scotia.JPG 45-.JPG 46- 102 highway Nova Scotia.JPG 47-Moose danger Nova Scotia.JPG 48-Fall season.JPG 49-Fall season Nova Scotia.JPG 50-Highway 104.JPG 51-Border of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.JPG

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