December2009-March2010 Photos


Different Occasions:

01-Fatemeh-Niloofar.JPG02-Hanif's parents-Fatemeh-Hanif-Toronto.JPG03-Hanif-Dad in Centre Island.JPG04-Fatemeh-Mom-Hanif.JPG05-Dad-Hanif-Mom-near CN tower.JPG06-In CN tower building.JPG07-.JPG08-Mom-Hanif-Dad-Guelph.JPG09-we in restaurant.JPG10-My parents.JPG11-We at Skylon tower.JPG12-My parents and I in Niagara Falls.JPG13-in Queenston Heights Park.JPG14-Around Casa Loma.JPG15-In Casa Loma.JPG16-In Casa Loma.JPG17-My parents-Fatemeh around city hall.JPG18-Around Old City hall.JPG19-Ali-Hanif-Mom-Dad.JPG20-In St. Jacobs.JPG21-Fatemeh-Parastesh-Sina-Houman-Zahra-Hanif.JPG22-In Airport.JPG23-Hanif inside the Medival Times Castle.JPG24-Fatemeh in Jamaica.JPG25-Hanif beside Doctor's Cave Beach Club Montego Bay.JPG26-Fatemeh in Montego Bay.JPG27-Hanif beside Samuel Sharpe Sqr. in Montego Bay.JPG28-.JPG29-Hanif in the resort.JPG30-Kayaking in Caribbean sea.JPG31-.JPG32-Inside one of the handcraft stores in Montego Bay.JPG33-At Richmond Hill in Montego Bay.JPG34-Fatemeh.JPG35-.JPG36-Ice Festival Toronto.JPG37-Hanif-Fatemeh-Ice Festival.JPG38-Hanif-Niloofar.JPG39-Hanif-Fatemeh.JPG40-Fatemeh-Tobermory-Winter.JPG41-Tobermory-Winter.JPG42-Beside Frozen Georgian Bay.JPG43-Hanif-Fatemeh-Amir-Lili-Haft seen.JPG44-Cheharshanbeh soori.JPG45-Babak-Arnavaz-Fatemeh-Hanif-Norouz.JPG46-Maple Syrup festival.JPG47-.JPG48-Niloofar-Fatemeh-Hanif.JPG49-Hanif-Fatemeh-Norouz.JPG50-Hanif-Fatemeh-Niloofar-Norouz.JPG51-Friends at Niayesh-Ghazal home.JPG

Some of the above photos were taken at Jamaica, Tobermory, Guelph, Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake, Centre Island, St. Jacob's, Toronto City Hall, Maple Syrup Festival, Ice Festival and CN Tower.


Montego Bay, Jamaica:

Montego Bay is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Jamaica and it is the third most populous city of Jamaica. Because of its nice resorts as well as its beautiful tropical nature, this area attracts lots of tourists specially from Canada, during the winter time. Jamaica is one of the Commonwealths of Nations and its official language is English. Its driving system is like Britain and it is left-hand traffic. It is located near 150km south of Cuba in the Caribbean sea.


58-Fishermen.JPG59-life in Caribbean sea.JPG64-.JPG67-Starfishes.JPG68-Sea life.JPG17-Doctor's Cave Beach Club.JPG19-Doctor's Cave Beach Club Montego Bay.JPG21-Jamaica.JPG22-Montego Bay beach.JPG32-Samuel Sharpe Sqr.JPG39-Street vending in Jamaica.JPG42-Street vending in Jamaica.JPG77-Tropical trees in Montego Bay.JPG78-Sunset in Montego Bay.JPG81-wood handicraft.JPG08-Tropical plant.JPG11-Tropical fruit.JPG13-Banana.JPG48-.JPG97-Pool and sea.JPGA102-Aerial Photo of Caribbean sea around Montego Bay.jpgA104-ship on Caribbean sea.JPG


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Niagara Falls:

The below photos were taken from Skylon tower, in the Canadian side of the falls.

03-American Niagara Falls in April.JPG04-Niagara Falls in spring.JPG05-Canadian Niagara Falls.JPG06-Canadian Niagara Falls behind the rainbow.JPG07-Rainbow.JPG

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10-Laura Ingersoll Secord Memorial at Queenston Heights Park.JPG11-Queenston Heights Park.JPG13-Brock's monument.JPG15-Brock's monument in Niagara Area.JPG16-Brock's monument in Niagara.JPG17-Brock's monument winter time.JPG23-Brock's monument in Niagara Area.JPG24-Brock's monument-Queenston Heights.JPG

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