Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

One of the new seven wonders of the world since 2007

Not so far from the beautiful Cancun resorts, one can find some of the most amazing historical structures in the world. Mayan pyramids, which belong to 900-1300 AD, can amaze anyone. Chichen Itza has many buildings and it takes time to visit all its structures. Not far from the historical part, there is a very beautiful cenote. 


These photos were taken by myself (Hanif Bayat)


 Around Chichen Itza, including cenote IK KIL

01-yucatan farm.JPG02-Mayan people home.JPG03-Street around Yucatan.JPG04-Cenote IK KIL.JPG05-Beautiful Cenote IK KIL.JPG05-Tropical plant.JPG06-Cenote near Chichen Itza.JPG07-The blue Cenote.JPG08-The blue Cenote IK KIL.JPG09-Swimming in Cenote IK KIL.JPG10-Swimming in Cenote IK KIL.JPG11-Beautiful Cenote IK KIL.JPG12-Lush vegetation.JPG13-The amazing Cenote IK KIL.JPG14-Cenote IK KIL.JPG15-Jumping in The blue Cenote IK KIL.JPG16-Swimming in the blue Cenote IK KIL.JPG17-.JPG18-.JPG

19-El Castillo pyramid- Chichen Itza.JPG20-El Castillo- Chichen Itza.JPG22-El Castillo-The Pyramid of Kukulcan Chichen Itza.JPG23-Top part of El Castillo Pyramid.JPG31-El Castillo- Chichen Itza.JPG36-The Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza.JPG48-El Castillo pyramid.JPG49-El Castillo in Chichen itza.JPG57-north east of El Castillo pyramid.JPG58-East side of El Castillo.JPG



24-The Temple of the Warriors.JPG53-Temple of the Warriors-Chac Mool.JPG33-Temple of the Warriors.JPG21- Chichen Itza.JPG54-Temple of the Warriors.JPG55-Temple of the warriors.JPG

25-Platform of the Eagles and the Jaguars.JPG26-Platform of the Eagles and the Jaguars.JPG27-Maya Toltec Architectural Style.JPG28-Platform of the Eagles and Jaguars.JPG


29-Around the Ball Court at Chichen Itza.JPG30-Around the Ball Court at Chichen Itza.JPG32-Temple of the Jaguar.JPG34-The Ball Court in Chichen Itza.JPG35-.JPG37-Carving a ball player on the wall of the Ball court in Chichen Itza.JPG38-Carving of a ball on the wall of the Ball court in Chichen Itza.JPG39-.JPG40-Temple of the Jaguar.JPG41-The Ball court at Chichen Itza.JPG42-Temple of the bearded man.JPG43-Large Lizard.JPG44-Lizard at Chichen Itza.JPG

45-The Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza.JPG46-Platform of the Skulls.JPG47-.JPG50-Sacred Cenote.JPG51- Around Sacred Cenote.JPG


52-Platform of Venus.JPG56-.JPG


59-The Ossuary.JPG60-The Ossuary description.JPG61-.JPG62-Lizard at Ossario pyramid.JPG63-The Ossario at Chichen Itza.JPG64-Ossario at Chichen Itza.JPG


65-.JPG66-.JPG67-The Observatory Tower.JPG68-The Observatory Tower.JPG69-.JPG70-The Observatory Tower.JPG71-The Observatory at Chichen Itza.JPG81-The Observatory at Chichen Itza.JPG82-The Observatory tower.jpg


  1. Other buildings including the Nunnary, the Church and Annex of the Nunnary

72-The Nunnary at Chichen Itza.JPG73-Eglesia -Church building.JPG74-Description of the church building at Chichen Itza.JPG75-Church building at Chichen Itza.JPG76-.JPG77-Annex of the Nunnary.JPG78-.JPG79-.JPG80-Chichen Itza.JPG

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