The Relation between

Art, Science and Philosophy 



I want to describe the relation between Art, Science and Philosophy in one of its easiest ways. Finding the realities of world can be done by three approaches and these are my subjects in this essay. Science is the specific approach that has been known precisely in current centuries and I think science is the most precise way among those three while it is not a complete method at all.

By learning the history of science we can know much better about the methods that have been used for finding the laws of the world. In ancient Greece, describing of environment was done by the pyramidal thought. I mean they described everything by using some fundamentals beliefs as a starting point. This approach has a really close relation to philosophy while science method is different from this method. Understanding of world is like doing the crossword puzzle. Filling of each empty place of this puzzle should be done according to to the other filled spaces. This filled spaces are our current discovered science and our few principles that may be changed by our other spaces (new scientific results) since we have dynamic principles. I can make clear what I mean by giving the following examples. In ancient time many facts were accepted without outstanding reasons. It means that they do not need to be proved scientifically for example ancient chemistry had some principles such as the existence of one special element that can be added to other elements to convert them to gold or in ancient chemistry they had a atomic principle which means that every things made of basic elements named as atom. But nowadays we have other rules and laws to understand the word.

The method that is being used to find the realities in science has its own principles. But it should be noticed that these principles are few and obvious and can be changed by other results, therefore in scientific method we are free from many resistances that come out of accepting lots of different principles. 

Now it is the time to talk about the main topic. At first I will talk about the relation between philosophy and science. Nowadays most people's manner of lives based on many scientific achievements and you can feel the effects of physics, medicine, chemistry and neuroscience on human life. The philosophy of dualism has been effected by the brain science and the creation of human are being discussed by biology. You can see how the traditional advises about human health being replaced by new medicine advises. Nowadays human being find scientific reasons for many nature phenomena which are different from what our ancestors thought or believed.  What made changes? The answer was said briefly in first paragraph. The methods of thinking have been changed. Nowadays people move much more freely than before in finding the world realities because they can doubt and criticize many things and they should not believe the mass bunch of principles and  beliefs. But in compare to past time, wise people are not free to chose any beliefs (principles). Most of wise men prefer to choose the basic principles in their philosophies that have been harmonized by the science results.

The popularity of one philosophy has strong and close relation to the science results. If one time we build the robot as an " AI " movie character (if it is possible),  the popularity of dualism will be decreased in time. This happens since science has proved its power in finding realities and most of people strongly trust on this wonderful approach.

Science has a few principles. For example if we claim something it should has some way to be proved by an experiment. It means that if we indicate one fact it should be possible to be tested. Making void of every comment should be possible in science and it is one of the main difference between science and the general philosophy. In philosophy we are free to choose lots of principles and in this way we can achieve to many different results in variety of viewpoints and making void of some comments is completely impossible.

Art has a variety of different definition. I just consider some parts of art that have close relation to finding the realities of the world. But I think that most of arts are direct or indirect ways to increase our intuition about our surrounding nature which results in better understanding of world. While the main part of most of these arts is just increasing fun and joy among people.

It is clear that you can't find much details by science since the science is nearly young approach in understanding the world. Most of our understanding about social behavior can not be obtained through science. We understand most of our common needs about human sciences and our behavior by our experience or other experiences. I think Art has a close relation to this part of our lives. When we watch special movie we directly involved in others' experiences or when we listen to nice music I think we indirectly increase our intuition about our surrounding world. As I told you Art has a variety of different definition but if you look closely at most of them, beside their beauty and their majesty which results in our joy,  you can find an indirect view to our life. I think most of arts contain lots of noises but we should understand that art is the only way in world to understand some of the nature details.



I will write the rest in future.


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